Commercial Warehouse Design and conversion

Commercial Warehouses in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex

From the first site visit through to commercial unit design, CAD drawings, groundwork and installation BM Steels are versatile and adaptable. We deliver on an installation using [your] existing plans or offer a full turnkey service involving planning, design, demolition, groundwork, building supply, building installation and landscaping.

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Commercial Warehouse Design and Conversion

Warehouses are required by customers for a variety of reasons, the most common of which being the storage of goods and or materials that need protecting from the elements or theft.

When customers come to us they generally their own unique requirements which is the reason BM steels provides you with bespoke solutions.

Our design team are fully equipped with the knowledge needed to work out size requirements, access, temperature, and cater to the needs and safety of operating personnel. 

Generally, there are three types of warehouse solution:

  • Controlled humidity (CH) warehouses – warehouses constructed with vapor barriers to contain humidity control equipment and maintain humidity as required.
  • Heated and unheated general warehouses – A more general warehouse that allows space for bulk, rack and bin storage as well as aisle space, recieving and shipping space, packing and crating space, and office and toilet space.
  • Refrigerated warehouses – These warehouses are designed to cater for the preservation of perishable goods. They include space for freeze and chilled sections as well as mechanical areas.

Warehouses have become more complex in line with technology and features often incorporated into these spaces now include: 

  • Space for specialist material handling equipment
  • broadband connectivity access
  • mezzanines
  • office space
  • Future-proofing the space to accommodate future operational and storage needs 
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    commercial warehouse and storage

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